French Hair Pin - Blonde Tortoise


Uncomplicated, simple, and elegant. Our french pin is the perfect accessory for an effortless updo that holds your hair in place while still being gentle on the strands. Pin a low bun in place, sweep your hair into a french twist, or create a twisted half-up bun. The possibilities for creative hairdos are endless. The french pin measures at 5 inches, so it is just big enough to handle all of your hair while still small enough to fit in a handbag on-the-go. Hand-sculpted in Italian acetate, the french pin is made to last.

Benefits:  Made to last Crafted with our iconic Italian acetate, the french pin is strong.

No creases Our french pin prevents creases in your strands. Say goodbye to traditional hair ties.

Simple, effortless Create an elegant updo in seconds.

Made in Italy